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K&J Podcast Finally Published!

Podcasts have been in my (almost) weekly routine for over 5 years now. I’ve listened to lots of different types of pods but continuously come back to the Nerdist and Dear Hank and John. Sure, listening to these shows stimulates thought into random topics I wouldn’t have considered before, but let’s face it, since these two podcasts are conversational in nature, they really just satisfy the eavesdropper in me.

Because I’ve enjoyed these shows so much, I decided I wanted to record a similarly styled podcast with a friend. JR Joseph agreed to give this a try with me since we make each other laugh (too much) and are quite comfortable talking about almost anything. Since we are both in the beginnings of our voice over careers, we figured this would be a great place to reflect on that as well as have some fun.

Give us a listen! If you would like to ask questions or give topic suggestions, just reach out via the Contact Here section on either the homepage or under the podcast episodes on the Listen page or email us here.


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