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"Enter Cthulhu" Showing at the Pocket Sandwich Theater

Come see the revived Enter Cthulhu for a late night show at the Pocket Sandwich Theater this weekend and next!

Show dates are Friday 9/15/17, Saturday 9/16/17, Friday 9/22/17, and Saturday 9/23/17

Each show starts at 11:15pm

Tickets are $15

Pocket Sandwich Theater

5400 E Mockingbird Ln #119

Dallas, TX 75206

As summarized in the original Facebook event, but updated for this showing:

"Camp Death Productions is pleased to bring to the Pocket Sandwich Theater Enter Cthulhu, a hilarious romp written by Daniel White and directed by Erin Singleton. A small cult wishes to resurrect the ancient god Cthulhu. The only problem is they first must sacrifice Cthulhu's last heir--a Miskatonic University student with an annoying habit of surviving. Enter Cthulhu is a hilarious romp: a college is suddenly cursed by a mysterious book that is the key to summoning the terrifying ancient monster Cthulhu. Classic H.P. Lovecraft references combine with horror movie tropes - Think gothic horror tales meets Joss Whedon-style irreverence and fun. This script is hilarious, campy, charming, and rooted in literature. Starring Evan Figg, Kimmy Mauldin, Bridie Corbett, Janae Hatchett, Madison Armstrong, Michael Carl Speck, Trent Lintzen, Gary Eoff, CJ Newman, Josh Eguia, and Savannah Johnson."


Dallas, TX


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