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Guess Who Is Streaming Now?!

Shocker, you got it. Me!

That's me!

Join me on at the dates and times below to watch play-throughs of various games.

*Update: Just check on either Twitter for updated schedules, the Pencil Me In portion of this website, or my Twitch channel itself. This was outdated by the beginning of January 2018 so you know...c'est la vie.

Here's the schedule: (All Times in CST)

Mondays 3-6pm

Tuesdays 6-9pm

Fridays 1-4pm

Saturdays 1-4pm

Sundays 1-4pm (starting Dec 17th)

Mondays - South Park: The Stick of Truth

Tuesdays - South Park: The Stick of Truth

Fridays - Night in the Woods

Saturdays - Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Sundays - Doki Doki Literature Club

I have a bunch of games I am planning on playing through. For example, I am about 22% through South Park: The Stick of Truth at the moment. When I complete that, I go straight to The Fractured But Whole! I am SO PUMPED.

Also, at the time of this post, I have already completed Episode 1 of Life is Strange: Before the Storm. I didn't want to play through the first Life is Strange again so I went straight to the prequel.

If you have any game suggestions for this beginner gamer (not really beginner but I never developed past beginner status haha) leave me ideas! Follow me on twitter (@kimkiminycreate) and let me know what you would like to see.

We do have strict rules and guidelines to make sure the party stays fun for everyone. You will see them on Twitch but they are here for you to see:

I’m Kimmy, feel free to call me Kimkiminy. Currently pursuing a career in voice acting, thought it would be fun to stream not only practice character voices but to actually play games and make some friends!

Times and dates are subject to change. Life happens, y’all.


To have a happy, sweet community, the very first rule is to treat each other as you would treat the person you love most in your life. Some call this the “Golden Rule”, I call it just being a decent human. Please be sweet, loving, & kind!

Here are the don’t’s of chat:

  1. DON’T use any sexist, homophobic, racist, or otherwise specifically hurtful language. First offence and you are blocked, banned, exiled, never to return. We have no tolerance for such behavior here. Come on, you are better than that and you know it.

  2. DON’T harass anyone, on or off chat. Let’s not be creepers.

  3. DON’T argue with mods. I’ve asked these particular people to help me in this vital role, so respect them. If you cause a problem, they will time you out. If you continue to cause a problem, they will kick you out. Done and done.

  4. DON’T troll. Do you notice a theme?

  5. DON’T backseat game or give any spoilers. As you will quickly figure out, I’m not exactly the most adept gamer, I barely qualify as a gamer. Soooooooo flex your patience muscle and laugh with us through the blunders :-)

  6. DON’T post links or adverts without permission from me or the mods.

  7. DON’T be rude to each other or me if differences in opinions, beliefs, life styles, etc come up. Respect each other. You don’t have to agree to respect each other.

  8. DON’T keep asking me to do something, play a game, do a voice, etc, if I decline. NO MEANS NO. No will ALWAYS mean No.

Please do’s:

  1. Offer game, show, movie, podcast, etc suggestions! Remember, I have a schedule laid out of what we are doing each week so I will not be switching games on request. But I love me some recommendations!

  2. Offer advice if/when I get stuck in a game. I will more than likely need it but give me a minute. Sometimes I solve the problem, sometimes I need your help! Try your best to not spoil anything for me or others in chat and we will have a great time.

  3. Tell me if the volume or something is weird in the stream. I’m still figuring out how all of this works so I will rely on you to help me make sure this is a good experience!


  1. Kimkiminy? I got that nickname from my aunt and uncle as a kid when they would sing to me the chim-chiminy song from Mary Poppins :-)

  2. Yes, I am John Wolfe’s girlfriend. His channel is JohnWolfeLive on Twitch and John Wolfe on YouTube.

  3. Belle is the sweet fruit bat-looking dog that you will probably see rather often.


Dallas, TX


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