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"Ultimate" - My First Film Experience

I am proud to announce that I have been cast in a speaking role in the film Ultimate, directed by Kevin Ash. This is my first film experience in which I speak and do more than stand and clap in a crowd. Moving on up...!

The movie itself is about two friends who end up on an Ultimate Frisbee team and how they work with each other and the team. Check out more details about the story, how this has come together, and how to get involved here: Ultimate Generosity

We also have our own IMDB page which is pretty exciting. Guess I need to learn how to edit this website for my own page now!

The experience itself was interesting....originally I was cast as a member of the Frisbee team but because of some last minute changes, I was asked to fill the role of Shirlene! She is a waitress at a cute 50's styled diner and gets rather flirtatious with one of the Frisbee teammates. I was honored to play this role and look forward to how this film will turn out.

What impacted me most about working with the wonderful team of Ultimate, was the patience of our director. He is not only working with lots of people new to the filming process (I was not the only first timer in front of the camera!) but he was also including high school students from his film class, who are the creators of this story. Watching him work was honestly something I will take with me as he showed such patience and diligence to get what needed to happen done while trying to keep within tight deadlines and shifting schedules. Hopefully this is not the last time I get work with him!


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