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A Dream Come True: I Died in a Horror Film

Several weeks ago, a dream I've had since beginning my acting career was fulfilled: I died in a horror film.

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In Baphomet, a family combats a mad cult leader to protect themselves and their land. It's slated to release in 2019, and features yours truly as a member of the satanic cult.

Since I began acting, I've wanted nothing more than to die in a project. But specifically, I wanted to die in a horror film.

Horror has a special place in my life. I fell in love with the genre in 2011, when I made my first steps into independence by starting a new job and moving out of state. I hadn't watched many horror movies before, but when a new friend (who later became one of my best friends) encouraged me to watch the Scream series with her, I found out just how hungry I was for this genre.

So when I recently found that writer and director Matthan Harris was looking for cult members to die in his project, Baphomet, I couldn't resist.

I had to be a cult member. I was ready.

And what a cult we made!

Driving out to the set, I was glad I wasn't going far. Several others came from much further away and I'm glad they did! The other cult members were so much fun, great to talk to and to hang out with for hours. We had to wait quite a while before the crew was ready for our scenes; however, we had a great time bonding and watching other scenes come together.

The crew and other cast members were really nice and professional. They were happy to answer questions and made sure we were as comfortable as possible. Honestly, they really went beyond my expectations. As a new actor, I've heard a lot of stories from others about being "pushed aside" on film sets, but on this set I felt truly welcomed. While we were respectfully asked to be quiet, we were informed of what was going on and invited to watch the filming.

While I only got to be on set for two nights, Matthan and others have been working on this film for a couple of years. The cult members were present for about 12 hours each night, and while we waited to film, I learned more how the filming process works, how people stitch scenes together, and the passion that has supported Baphomet.

Writer and director Matthan Harris, fellow cult member Roneisha Lee, and myself at 5am after the final night of filming

The first night, we sported some bloody wounds and acted dead. We laughed over the random bruises and bug bites we earned together from lying on the gravel.

Practicing being dead

Being dead is much harder than I anticipated, especially with the wind blowing and bugs biting. I stupidly decided to die with my eyes open. Amateur.

Getting our giggles out before filming

Almost ready!

The second night, we ran around with weapons, feeling badass and attacking like good cult members do. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures from this, but hopefully it will make the final cut.

Then, something unexpected happened. Matthan asked if anyone had experience in shooting guns. I raised my hand (thanks, Dad!!) and he asked me to act like I was shooting people in the next scene. They even did a close up on me shooting! I was honored and shocked that they asked me to do this. Lesson learned: never sell yourself short just because you assume you are not what the project is looking for.

Hopefully this won't be my only stint in the horror world -- nor the only time I get to die. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything, and will hold it as a special time in my heart. I can't wait for the movie to come out so we can celebrate the hard work that went into this story!


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