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New Podcast Announcement: Get Ready for Some Joy!

Getting tired of all the negative news in the media? Been tired of feeling despair every time a news story is tweeted or comes on the tv, radio, or whatever website you frequent? I definitely am.

Over the years, I've struggled trying to keep up with the news without losing my mind. Obviously we need to know what's going on but why is negative news the most reported information? And how much is just framed negatively when it really isn't necessarily awful in its true form?

In an effort to force myself to find good news stories along with the negative stuff, I decided to start a new podcast where all we discuss is positive news making a real difference in our societies across the world!

Listen to the episodes here!

Enter JoyBinge Podcast! Every two weeks, you will get 5-8 stories of neat stuff going on in the world to bring you a bit of hope. In the pilot, I explain why I'm doing the podcast and share some cool articles that discuss the importance of positive news. The pilot will be published on Tuesday, Aug 21st, the first official episode will be posted on Aug 28th and the second will be posted on Sept 4th. After that, the episodes will be every two weeks. All episodes will be published on SoundCloud and here on the ol' website. Hopefully I will get the podcast published on iTunes and other sites eventually. When it's live, give it a listen and let me know what you think by emailing me at or tweet me @joybingepodcast

If you know of people doing cool stuff where you live or heard of a story that made you smile, send it my way! Even if you find a good website, YouTube show, book, movie, podcast, audiobook, artwork, whatever, send that my way too! At the end of each episode I will be sharing cool media that can bring some joy in case you need a little pick-me-up during the week.

I'm very excited that this idea is coming to fruition as I've been trying to pull it together since the beginning of the summer. But now that I've moved past most of anxieties about this, the pod is real! Let me know what you think and I hope you are able to binge on some joy this week!


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