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JoyBinge Podcast Ep. 4: Movies, Millennials, & More!

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Hi and welcome to JoyBinge, a podcast where we re-learn that good things are happening in the world and celebrate those good things because we are tired of only hearing about the bad crap. My name is Kimmy Mauldin and I am not a journalist or a professional of any sort in the news industry. I’m just a Texas girl in need of some happy news and want to share what I find. Let’s binge on some joy!


The massive plastic-cleaning device invented by a 24-year-old is headed out to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch — here's what the launch looked like

If you’ve ever been to an ocean beach, I’m sure you’ve noted the gorgeous shade of blue the water has, all the life swarming in, above, nearby. You’ve probably also noticed how much trash floats in the surf and lays on the beach. Thankfully there are groups all over the world dedicated to cleaning up beaches for everyone to enjoy. But what about the ocean?

The Ocean Cleanup is an organization that was started by Boyan Slat, a 24 yr old Dutch innovator who wanted to do something about the trash floating in our oceans. Kevin Loria wrote this article for Business Insider on Sept 9th. Loria has several other articles about The Ocean Cleanup that you can read on the Business Insider website or you can visit the organization’s website at to learn more.

Slat has been working on this cleanup project for years and now, as Loria puts it, “It’s finally in the water.” So much trash and plastic in particular is dumped into our oceans that a low estimate of 8 million metric tons has been calculated to help us understand the magnitude of the issue. On Sept 8th, Slat and his team got his System 001 into the water to begin retrieving plastic. The device is a 2,000 feet long pipe looking tool that should be able to pick up larger pieces of plastic out of the waves. While there are critics commenting on important possible dangers and issues with the device, the true joy here is that Slat is trying out a solution to this giant problem.

Loria says, “Slat says that stopping plastic pollution needs to be a global priority but that his organization believes cleaning up what’s out there already must be done as well. Yet he knows the world and the scientific community are watching as the system begins its first real test. ‘It’s still not proven technology, and in the next few months it has to do what it has to do,’ he told Business Insider.”

The end goal is for this clean up pipe to go to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and do some real work there. Currently, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is twice the size of Texas! That is absolutely insane. The group hopes the device will gather up to 50 tons of plastic the first year. Loria reports, “They say their models show that with a full deployment of 60 arrays, they could be able to remove half of the garbage-patch region’s plastic within five years.” Check out the article to see pictures of the pipe being sent out to sea on Sept 8th. This is a cool idea and even greater that Slat was able to make it happen! Hopefully this experience will help them learn how to make the device even better and retrieve more trash in the future, as is their hope.

How two men and a WhatsApp group rescued scores of Afghan heroes

When I first started this podcast, several weeks ago, I thought that I would be finding most of my articles on the Good News Network Website. Gracious I was wrong! The Guardian’s The Upside is hard to look away from. So many great stories are reported there. Many other news outlets have great stories too but The Upside really has the most, as is their purpose to post stories with positive messages. Anyway, here is an article written by Ewen MacAskill for The Upside published on Sept 7th.

Mohammad Hares and Ed Aitken began working together in Afghanistan in 2011. They were assigned together through the British Army, Hares serving as the Afghan interpreter for the troops. Like many who serve together, these two became friends. Through their time together, they spent time talking about issues they face, and one issue became the thing they wanted to work on together: creating a network for Afghan interpreters. Thus the Sulha Network was born.

As MacAskill reports, “The initial aim was threefold: to secure indefinite leave to remain for those given temporary British visas; to waive residency application fees of more than £2,000, which most of the group could not afford; and to secure the right for families to join them in Britain. They also wanted all interpreters to be eligible for resettlement, not just those in service during the narrow window specified by the British government.”

After contacting many Afghan interpreters to learn of issues outlined before, they set to work reaching out to the government, media, and anyone who would listen. They got some good luck when on his first day in office as home secretary, Sajid Javid agreed to work with them and make it easier for Afghan interpreters who worked with the British military to resettle in the UK.

The issues Afghanis face in Afghanistan are even more perilous than they were back in 2010 so the pressure to work fast is always growing. That’s when Hares and Aitkens turned to WhatsApp to communicate with people located in the UK and Afghanistan simultaneously. This technology has helped keep communication open with loads of people so families can be reunited, job opportunities can be posted, and scores of other issues can be worked on.

While there is still a lot to do in this situation, Hares and Aitken are pushing with their WhatsApp group and government contacts to bring opportunities and hope back to the people who need it. Sulha means “reconciliation” in Dari which is why it was the perfect name for this network. If you want to follow the Sulha Network and their work, follow them on Twitter @SulhaNetwork.

Access Bollywood: app opens up cinema to millions of blind Indians

Again the Guardian brings us another great article! Priti Salian wrote this story and published it on August 23rd so we are going back in time a little bit. This was such a cool concept I wanted to be sure to share it with you guys!

In case I haven’t shared this already, I’m pretty passionate about movies. Not just movies, but tv, plays, books, audio dramas, podcasts, anything that can tell a story. So when I read this article I was pretty pumped. Brajma Intelligent Systems launched an app back in July called XL Cinema aimed to assist blind individuals in India to enjoy the movies. The app, as Salian states, “synchronise[s] an audio description of a movie with its cinema audio track.” Saksham provides the much needed audio description that the app utilizes. Saksham is an NGO who work to “empower people in India who are blind or visually impaired.”

Before XL Cinema was launched, there was a small push for audio descriptions for movies in theaters. People knew they were needed but there was no way for them to be used in conjunction with the films themselves outside of waiting months for the DVD releases. The article talks about the political side of rights being expanded for the visually impaired in India but coming short when it comes to enjoying movies. The app showed what everyone knew, people needed it. The first two weeks of the app saw 2,500 uses for the movie Sanju, even though the movie had already been in theaters for three weeks.

Originally the app was created so people could listen to the movies in different translations but when they saw how much people were using it just to listen to it in the original language, the focus shifted a bit. Thankfully the app is still pretty new so hopefully this will grow in popularity so the 8.8 million blind and 47.7 million visually impaired Indians can find new joy in going to the theater with their friends and families!

Widening The Lens: Integrating The Toronto International Film Festival

India isn’t the only country looking to include more people in the world of movies. NPR published an article on Sept 17th by Bilal Qureshi about the Toronto International Film Festival highlighting what else is being done on the other side of movie production.

The recent #MeToo movement highlighted some pretty big issues in the entertainment industry. Namely that women have been so highly mistreated that it was impacting their involvement as a whole in the industry. And after the movement gained momentum, we saw more and more demand for inclusion of minority groups. This is good. We need better representation not just on the screen but behind the camera. And as Qureshi argues, in the critic’s seat as well.

The article sets the stage well for the need of such movements. I encourage you to read this. What I want to highlight are the ways the Toronto International Film Festival is doing to include others more in their festival and introduce new filmmakers and critics. As Qureshi reports, “This year Toronto implemented a new inclusion initiative for film critics, to take a step towards addressing this discrepancy. Scouring online networks and established publications, they identified and invited 185 new journalists from underrepresented backgrounds and in some cases, financed their travel and lodging for the duration of the festival. As Cameron Bailey explains, ‘...all of them are from underrepresented groups, women, people of color, people with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ community. That new addition to our existing critical core has already expanded the range of opinion you're hearing at the festival.’”

I just want to read this article to you. It’s really hard not to. Qureshi talks about this issue with such passion. Change is good, albeit hard. But part of making sure more ground-breaking and inclusive films are shown at festivals like Toronto’s is making sure the critic pool is diverse as well. David Kaminow, head of marketing for Annapurna Pictures, said, “The diversity of film going audiences has grown...and diversity of press is incredibly important.” Annapurna Pictures is a great studio: they assisted in bringing 185 new critics to the festival, they help smaller movies get the word out and get connections for their movies to be shared, and also have a studio that makes great games (this is my Twitch gamer side coming out!). And critic Soraya Nadia Mcdonald said, “Culture is moving toward a more inclusive future, and without an accompanying critical class to reflect on those works, there is a looming crisis for the very relevance of criticism.”

It’s these festivals that help determine what will make it to our theaters so making sure there are solid and relevant critics available to give opinions on these films are more important than I honestly thought. Thank you, Toronto, for making such huge steps to include more people in such a great art and thank you, Qureshi, for writing this beautiful piece to celebrate what has been done and discuss what else needs to move forward for real change!

The Not-So-Random Acts of vickie washington

Even though this story is about people who started in Dallas, I thought it best to keep this in line with the movie theme we’ve got going instead of using it for the Texas slice of the show. NPR’s Art&Seek Spotlight brings us the story of vickie washington, a true force to be reckoned with inside North Texas’ theater community. Jerome Weeks published the story on Sept 6th.

HBO has a new series called “Random Acts of Flyness” that has received high praise. I have yet to watch this show but plan to remedy that as soon as possible. Weeks reports that it “has been hailed for its offbeat, provocative mashup of racial satire, animation and sketch comedy. If the network was fearful it was losing its cable TV edge against the onslaught that is Netflix, its solution looks like what might happen if they handed over a half-hour on Friday nights (and all the money it takes to produce such a show) to a hip group of black, grad-school filmmakers, animators, game designers, and iPhone documentarians. The results at times have veered wildly and sometimes eloquently between ‘Monty Python Meets James Baldwin’ to ‘In Living Color Goes to Art School’ or even simply Black Twitter Onscreen.”

The article is actually an interview with washington as she has an extra special connection to the show - her son, Terence Nance, is the director of “Random Acts of Flyness” and she even got to guest star!

They discuss washington’s career, how Terence got into directing a show for HBO, and afro-surrealism. That last point I thought was really interesting. Weeks quotes washington as saying, “I’ve heard it called ‘Afro-futurism,’ too, but I think I read Terence didn’t think that was really accurate. I just describe it as a piece that comes out of Terence’s mind. But then, I happen to know Terence. [It’s] not just Terence’s mind, they’ve got a great group of writers and directors and producers, all young people of color who are very committed to creating out of their experience, creating something they want to see. It’s black to the core...I know when I went to the [premiere] screening, when we as a family went to the screening in Philadelphia at the BlackStar Film Festival, I had this feeling, sitting in the room, that there are times when the audience is totally with it. And then some things, it’s like, ‘Wait, is that what I saw?’ And when you’re watching the screening, you can’t stop and re-wind and, ‘Wait, what was that? What happened?’ So there’s some things in it that perhaps aren’t for everyone. But there’s something in it for everyone, I do believe.”

HBO has the first episode available for free viewing if you want to check it out. I can’t wait for the chance to watch it and hopefully watch the rest of the 6 episode season! Hopefully this continues on for more seasons in the future!

Why Did An Octopus-Wielding Sea Lion Slap A Kayaker In The Face?

“Random Acts of Flyness” isn’t the only thing to have made us say “Wait, what just happened?” lately. A video has been circulating around the internet the last several weeks of a man getting slapped in the face by a sea lion...with an octopus. Yup. You heard me right. If you haven’t seen this video, you need to click on the link to the NPR article written by Rachel D. Cohen posted on Sept 28th.

Taiyo Masuda, Kyle Mulinder, and some of their friends were kayaking off the coast of Kaikoura in New Zealand when this crazy event was captured on camera. It’s such a surreal thing, you really need to watch it. But why did the sea lion slap Mulinder?

Well, there are a couple of theories but I think it might be safe to say that it seems the sea lion wasn’t intentionally going for Mulinder but was rather just playing around with his octopus meal. Peter Cook, an assistant professor of psychology at the New College of Florida with expertise in animal cognition and sea lions, states, “In animal behavior work, we tend to think of play as a way that an animal learns and sort of preps itself to take on a more complicated set of potential behaviors as an adult...They (sea lions) do like to fiddle with their food, and throwing an octopus around could be pretty fun.”

Colleen Reichmuth, a principal investigator and associate research scientist at the University of California with Santa Cruz’s Institute of Marine Sciences talked about the behavior with a different perspective. She says, “The behavior in that video is pretty normal behavior for a sea lion that is feeding on prey that is too big to swallow whole.” Cohen goes on to quote Reichmuth as saying, “Sea lions don’t have grinding teeth, so while they can hold onto a slippery fish or octopus, they can’t chew it well. Instead, they bring the prey to the surface and smash it on the water to break it into bite-size pieces.”

According to the article, both Reichmuth and Cook agree that the sea lion would have been throwing the octopus around regardless if the kayakers were hanging out in the spot or not. The most important point brought up in this story is that we shouldn’t be interfering with animals while they are eating, or even at all. Cohen reports, “Common courtesy for wildlife, [Reichmuth] says, is to stay well away from the ‘threshold of response,’ which is when animals alter their behavior because of human presence. In the end, though, it’s hard to know with certainty what the now world famous sea lion was doing with the octopus, or if its behavior was affected by the kayakers.” So while this video is fun to enjoy, remember, don’t go botherin’ the animals wherever you are!

Happy news: Beluga whale in Thames eating, swimming well

Another animal in the wild has been doing some odd things recently. According to an article from the Associated Press posted on ABC News’ website, a beluga whale has been hanging out in the Thames River. The article was posted on Sept 26th so there is a chance the whale is still there. If you are near the Gravesend area where it surfaced, maybe you can see it! Let me know if you did see it! If you have any pictures, send them my way. I’ll post them!

RSCPCA, an animal welfare group said the whale has been eating appropriately and swimming well, even able to dive, which is good. Beluga whales are typically found in more northern regions so it’s quite unusual to see one so south in England. Everyone is hoping the whale goes back out to the ocean soon so it can go where it needs to in open waters. Honestly I’m surprised it has been able to eat well in the river. Right now the animal is in a good state so hopefully it will stay that way!

Convenience Shops Go Healthy as Millennials Choose Wellness

Speaking of eating well, some convenience stores have answered the call, rather the desperate cry, for healthier options. NBC DFW brings us this story posted on Sept 9th by Kelli Kennedy.

Miami, Portland, OR, Silver Lake, CA, and Denver, CO are the four places Kennedy focuses on where some neat convenience stores have truly embraced what “convenience” means for those with dietary restrictions and needs. Kombucha slushies, vegan empanadas, paleo, and gluten-free items are just a few of the things being served at these shops. They use paper straws, cups and napkins made from recycled materials, all the plug words that apparently millennials love to hear. And we can’t forget fresh pressed juices and my personal favorite, craft beers, like what Mendez Fuel in Miami have in stock.

David Potalatin, food industry adviser for trend group NPD states, “I don’t believe it’s a passing fad. People bring the same demand for convenience but with a whole new set of food values to go along with it.”

These stores aren’t stopping at healthier food options and greener solutions. At The Goods Mart in Silver Lake, CA, you can donate up to 5% of your bill to charity. The Green Zebra Grocery in Portland, OR has a location open on the Portland State University campus to serve students staying up late for school work. And the Choice Market in Denver, CO has a delivery app available for customers to get their special items faster. As Kennedy reports, “The response has been so strong that construction has started on two additional stores, including one in partnership with the Denver Housing Authority to service low-income neighborhoods lacking nearby grocery stores with healthier foods and fresh produce and to hire at-risk youth.”

This looks to be the age of truly convenient convenience stores and I look forward to the growth of these places in other areas, especially Dallas!

Mississippi Homecoming Queen Kicks Game-Winning Extra Point

As many people know, American football is a big deal in the US, especially in the southern parts of the country. Every fall is kicked off with homecoming games, when alumni from colleges and high schools go back to their alma maters to watch their home teams play. This homecoming was particularly special for one senior down in Mississippi. NBC DFW published this article from the Associated Press on Sept 8th.

Ocean Springs High School in Ocean Springs, MS had a fun celebration for their homecoming this year. Kaylee Foster was crowned as their homecoming queen, right before kicking the winning point for the game. She kicked two field goals prior to being crowned, which landed her the most points won for the team that game.

Foster started out as a soccer player and began as a sophomore kicking for the football varsity team. The article has a sweet picture of her wearing her jersey, the tiara, and holding her football helmet and flowers for winning. She is quoted as saying, “I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be homecoming queen, but I was pretty sure I was going to make that kick.” Yeah girl! Way to kick some serious butt on and off the field!

Where to see the best fall foliage across the country

The signs of autumn are upon us: football has kicked off, the pumpkin spice latte and apple cider drinks (my personal favorite) are on menus again, and the leaves are starting to turn. Or will start turning soon. It’s hard for me to know since we don’t get a lot of fall color here in Texas. If you are in an area where you don’t get to see a lot of fall or want to explore other places, Fox News posted an article helping you find fun places to take a little autumn break this year!

Jacquelyn Hart of Fox News published this article on Sept 29th so get your bags packed and trips planned! There are some pretty sites to see! The article includes some beautiful pictures so check it out if you need a digital getaway.

She organized the list by parts of the US and writes little snippets about each place. I will follow the list as she has them but if you want the tidbits, you’re going to have to read the article. Some of them even have live webcams that show you the different leaves changing colors and the wildlife walking by so it’s worth a read.

Texas Optimism Project

Now to bring you another slice of Texas! While researching different stories based in or about Texas, I stumbled across the Texas Optimism Project, brought to us by Texas Monthly and Frost Bank. I mean, if this isn’t the most perfect thing for this podcast, I don’t know what is.

As we all know, choosing to look at the brighter side of life and finding that silver lining is not always easy. But with some daily dedication to find the good in the bad or even mundane can make a meh day into a great day! Texas Monthly is putting together stories of people who use optimism to push them further in life: like Mikaila Ulmer turning a bee sting into a business, or Carla Piñeyro Sublett building a career out of connecting people then learning to let go on her own terms, or running with and toward joy with Gilbert Tuhabonye, or even developing a recipe for success with Hugo Ortega. For the next several weeks, I want to cover the interviews of each of these amazing people and share with you the optimism this project desires to spread.

The Texas Optimism Project website states, “The fact is, optimism is something we can cultivate—and that mindset can reshape the trajectory of our lives. In one of the earliest studies of optimism and its effects, Martin Seligman, a University of Pennsylvania psychologist, found that insurance salespeople with optimistic outlooks not only made more sales—by 37 percent—but were also more likely to keep their job.

That’s why we’re examining optimism in Texas today. Across the state, everyday people are forging their own futures. Are you ready to put optimism to work for you?”

The website goes on to talk about different studies that researched the effects of optimism and how optimism is a strong part of Texas history and culture. You can even take a short quiz to see how optimistic you are! I got the answer saying I was rather balanced but could still work on being more optimistic. I wasn’t terribly surprised. As I’ve said before about positivity, these things take time and dedication. Already I’ve seen a subtle change in my life by just making this podcast a priority. Whenever I get down about the news or feeling overwhelmed by real life stuff, I get excited that I will be working on another episode of JoyBinge. And to be honest, I think posting biweekly isn’t enough. I’m nervous to jump into a weekly show but honestly, I feel like this will be a better move. So starting this week, you will be receiving weekly episodes of JoyBinge instead of biweekly. Huzzah!

Be Involved

When thinking about ways to get involved this week, I was of course scouring the news for ideas. Then I realized that many news outlets have subscription requests like The Guardian, Texas Monthly, NPR, or other publicly funded groups. It’s important for us to have these types of news groups that are supported by the public for the public. So I think if you have $5 a month or whatever request the news outlet you want to support requests to spare, consider giving to one of these outlets to support all the hard work they are doing for us, keeping us informed of good and scary things happening in our world. Without them, we wouldn’t have access to this information. If you find yourself repeatedly going to the same sites for stories, considering subscribing to them. I have a couple of links (here) on my blog, I’ll read/list them out here so you can think about which one you want to click on and possibly subscribe to!

The Guardian


Texas Monthly

New York Times

Washington Post

Wall Street Journal

The Atlantic


Now remember, there are many others. These aren’t the only ones. These are just some really solid ones that have been around for a long time and are really popular.

Better Yourself

This daily gratitude routine can train your brain to be happier

In the first official full episode of JoyBinge, we discussed some easy steps to take to de-stress after a rough day or in a tough moment. One of the ways to do this was called “Reframe by Gratitude” where you write down different things that you are grateful for. Today, we have a similar exercise that focuses solely on practicing gratitude to train your brain to be happier. Nicole Spector with NBC News’ Better section wrote a good article about ways to sneak some gratitude into your day. The article was posted on Sept 26th and offers great advice!

Spector reports that Ellie Cobb, PhD, is a holistic psychologist and director of psychology for Thankful, a social enterprise and global lifestyle brand focused on gratitude says, “Science shows we can train ourselves to experience thankfulness more often simply by paying attention to our lives differently. Attention is like a spotlight for the brain, as whatever we repeatedly bring attention to becomes stronger and brighter over time.” Check out for more information and ways to participate in their gratitude campaigns!

The daily routine Spector outlines in pretty simple but if this feels like too much, start out slow. Start with one piece that you feel like you can master and add different pieces as you go. Here is what she suggests:

  • Waking Up

  • Set reminders around the house to get you into a positive mindset first thing in the morning

  • Gretchen Rubin, author of “The Happiness Project” and host of the podcast “Happier with Gretchen Rubin” suggests trying little things like getting a screen saver or password you use often that makes you happy. I’ve done this with my background on my computer and phone and it helps more than I would have thought!

  • Leaving the House

  • Anything you do during your normal routine can be markers for thinking of something that makes you happy. If you think of something you are grateful for every time you open your car door or lock the door to your house, this can prompt you to think of something when you get back home. And your thoughts of gratitude don’t need to be anything grandiose, something simple like just completing some chores over the weekend can do the trick!

  • Sitting Down for a Meal

  • Keeping a photo food journal as suggested by registered dietitian nutritionist Kristin Koskinen can help you learn to be grateful for the food you get to eat. This is something that would be hard for me to do but I think it’s a great thing to try!

  • You can also just think about these things. How lucky that we get to choose what we eat and when we get to eat, these are real blessings! You can start meals by going around the table if you eat with family, friends, or roommates and talking about the good things that happened that day that you are grateful for. This is similar to praying so if you don’t do that already, this is another alternative that can start any meal with a smile in your heart!

  • Doing a Gratitude Body Scan at the Gym (or at Home!)

  • Working out is an important element to keeping a healthy mind. Before hitting the treadmill or mat, take a few minutes to look at your body in the mirror and list off the parts of your body you are grateful for. The more you do this, the more parts you will note and be able to feel even more grateful!

  • Interacting with Strangers

  • Chelsea Leigh Trescott, a certified life coach and host of the podcast “Thank You Heartbreak” said something that really hit home for me. “Many people have a tendency to apologize for their mere presence in this world. If someone opens the door for them on their way into a coffee shop, there’s this natural reflex to say sorry and look down at the floor. Instead, incorporate gratitude into these small and daily interactions. Rather than apologize and bring the attention to yourself, place the attention on the person extending themselves and say, ‘thank you’. Not only will this make you feel better, it will make the person in front of you feel good about what they’ve done and they’ll likely be encouraged to continue it.”

  • Getting Home from Work

  • Writing in a gratitude journal or making a “Ta-Da List” is a good way of wrapping up a day. Trescott suggests taking the time to acknowledge the things you did that day will help you feel more productive and proud of what you accomplished. I started doing this at a job where we were still developing my role and would send the list to my boss. It felt good to see the list grow throughout the day and send a hefty celebration email showcasing what I had done. I really need to start this practice again!

  • Going to Bed

  • The mere act of going to bed can be a great way of expressing gratitude, and you don’t even need words! Just letting out the “oohs” and “ahhs” of settling into bed can be satisfactory, Rubin suggests. She says, “For many people it’s a struggle to get to bed. They want to scroll online or binge-watch. But it’s easier if you associate it with luxury and deliciousness. My family pointed out that I often make a funny sound [of relaxation]. Now that it’s been drawn to my attention, I really articulate that sound and tap into gratitude when I get into bed.”

All of these things, as anything else in your life, is your choice. You may find other ways you can express gratitude that work better for you. Great! The important thing is to realize that you can either choose gratitude or you can choose resentment. Letting yourself be upset when you need to be is important but letting yourself be grateful when you need to be is also important. Take the time to celebrate all the small victories and realize that each one is vital to feeling healthy, physically and mentally!

Joyful Things

Twitter - If you need some cute videos for a quick pick me up or stress free moment, check out the #snootchallenge on Twitter! You can probably find this on Instagram and Imgur as well as other places. Videos of dogs putting their cute little snoots in a circle their humans make with their hands is one of the best things I’ve seen in the last couple of months. I freaking love how sweet these videos are! Check them out!

Instagram - Body image issues run rampant in so many people that it’s exciting when we see people in the limelight make efforts to show that certain looks, weights, and sizes aren’t as important as they can seem. Check out @i_weigh for some pictures of people showing what they “weigh” in terms of their lives and how they are as people, not some number on a scale. The Instagram account was started by Jameela Jamil who stars on NBC’s The Good Place, which is a super cute show, by the way. Scroll through the account to see pictures of normal people being celebrated for embracing other ways of finding worth in themselves.

Websites - theSkimm is one of the best newsletters that I have been following for the last 5 years. Every week day, if you sign up, you will receive a newsletter in your email highlighting some of the top stories happening in the world. They are written in quite the millennial fashion with plenty of pop culture references, many Mean Girl quotes. You can also download the app and visit their website to see the stories. What else is neat, they give book recommendations, have partnerships for wine companies, clothes companies, food delivery systems and such to get you great discounts. And they always have some sort of campaign going on. Right now they are working with Rock the Vote to get people to register for voting season! Their #NoExcuses campaign is pretty neat. They also recently started a podcast where they interview different people about a variety of topics so be sure to check that out! Most of this you can receive for free but if you want a solid group to subscribe to, I highly suggest theSkimm!

Before wrapping up, I want to reiterate that posting biweekly just doesn’t seem to be enough to get out all the good stories. I have at least 20 articles just waiting on the back-burner and the list grows each time I work on these episodes. So I am going to move to weekly episodes with probably about 5 stories or so, so it will be easier to digest, shorter episodes, but more episodes more often!

Thanks for listening to some of the joy found in the world these past couple of weeks. If you have stories of good people doing good things in your neighborhood or anywhere, send them to me! I’ve got an email, or tweet at me @joybingepodcast. TELL ME THE GOOD STUFF!


The music for this podcast is "Industrious Ferret" by Kevin MacLeod. Thanks for listening and have a great week!

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