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New Twitch Schedule!

Visit my Twitch channel! Artwork by Jasmine @oweeos

Artwork by Jasmine @oweeos

For those of you who follow my Kimmykims Twitch channel, there is a schedule change happening at the beginning of January!

The new schedule is as follows:

Monday - Thursday: 7pm-10pm CST

Saturday: 12pm - 2pm CST

We will no longer be playing hidden object games on Monday and Wednesday mornings as I really do need that time back unfortunately. I've absolutely loved waking up in the morning and jumping straight into a relaxed stream. However, I've found it harder and harder to make those streams on time and I don't like being so inconsistent.

But I also love playing hidden object games so instead of twice a week, we will be playing those on Saturdays! I am really excited about this change and hope more of you can join in the relaxed hidden object fun! The games are usually quite ridiculous so it's a great time to get into a crazy story and help me find all sorts of weird things.

In preparation of the new schedule, I am going to stop morning streams for the rest of December. Family time for holidays are claiming those spots so it seemed natural to go ahead and end them now. BUT we will get back to the hidden object glory on January 5th at noon CST!

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Artwork by Jasmine @oweeos


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