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"Mini" JoyBinge #2: Moto-Edition

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Hi and welcome to the second mini JoyBinge episode, where we will talk about good things to think about and encourage us for this week. My name is Kimmy Mauldin and I am excited to bring you a little dose of joy in the off week between news episodes. Let’s binge on some joy!

Happy New Year! This episode is the first of many for 2019. Hopefully you didn’t party too hard last night and can start the new year off strong. But if you are suffering the effects of New Years Eve, let this podcast be a way to distract from the pains of partying.

Many people are talking about goals and resolutions, one of our favorite topics for the New Year. The other day, I received an email from my gynecologist that was quite the surprise to me. Don’t worry we aren’t getting too personal here. The newsletter her office sent out to the clients was focusing on their blog post about their Year in Review. In the email, they decided to add a short paragraph encouraging their clientele to make different sort of resolutions: instead of saying no to things, try saying yes. I thought this was interesting because they make a good point, most resolutions focus on taking something away: lose weight, watch less tv, stop wasting time. If we say yes to new things like trying new foods, take more walks, spend more time with loved ones, then we are spinning the same idea of resolutions in a more positive light. If we look at this chance for change with an attitude of hope and excitement rather than denying ourselves something we enjoy or communicating how we don’t feel like we are good enough in some way, we probably have a better chance of actually making the change.

Thinking about things in a more positive way has been a thing I’ve been trying to implement in my life for a long time now. I got in the bad habit of beating myself up over little things and it affected me far more than I realized. Making the change to think positively has helped tremendously in many ways. But getting there wasn’t always easy. Falling back into the habit was far too tempting so I started looking for ways to both enforce the good thinking and distract myself from the bad thinking. And one of those ways was engaging in different hobbies.

Over the last several months, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about hobbies, why we do them, what constitutes a hobby, why they are important. I don’t have any stats for you or anything like that but I wanted to share some cool people who practice interesting hobbies. I’ve dabbled in painting, writing, reading, crafting, cooking, gardening, but those are all pretty mundane. No one is interested in hearing about that. But I do have a good friend who has gotten really interested and involved in motorcycles over the last several years and you can read all about what she has learned and experienced on her blog at

Loryn has been one of my closest friends over the last 5 years or so and it’s been a great joy getting to know her! She loves learning, always has something fascinating to discuss, intelligent with a great sense of humor, caring, generous, and has many other lovely qualities. One of my favorite things about her is that we never have boring conversations. Thankfully, Loryn was kind enough to agree to join me for an interview so you can learn more about what she does to stay motivated and focused on her goals. We discuss her motorcycle build, what it has taught her, why she got into them in the first place, why she thinks hobbies are important, and many other topics. It’s a long listen but one that I am very thankful to have recorded. She also gives her thoughts on why people go the easy route when it comes to starting a hobby or even procrastinating to the point of never starting. If you are looking for any advice for starting a hobby, keeping up with one, or even if you are frustrated, Loryn has some kind, interesting thoughts to share! But you gotta listen to hear what she has to say!

Thanks for listening to some of the joy found in the world this past week. If you have stories of good people doing good things in your neighborhood or anywhere, send them our way! We’ve got an email, or tweet at us @joybingepodcast or visit our Facebook page and Instagram account. TELL ME THE GOOD STUFF!


The music for this podcast is "Industrious Ferret" by Kevin MacLeod. Thanks for listening and have a great week!

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