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999 - Zero Escape Series with John Wolfe!

Go to the links below or visit the Kimmykims page to see the series!

John and I are at it again with a new series on his second YouTube channel: John Twolfe!

We are playing through the Zero Escape series, starting with the first game called 999 or 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors. The games were developed and published by Spike Chunsoft and you can find them to play on Steam.

Join us while we play through a game of captive people trying to survive in a madperson's game of puzzles, questions, and many, many doors.

Here is the playlist of the videos already posted here (I'm so sorry for being late!!) and let us know what you think!

Be sure to follow John on both his YouTube channels: John Wolfe and John Twolfe, his Twitch channel, his Twitter @JohnWolfeYT, Instagram account, and if you want to show your love to the public, buy some merch here!


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