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No JoyBinge Episode This Week

Listen to the episode here or on SoundCloud through the links below!

Click here to hear last week's episode!

This post is a bit late (sorry about that!) but there is no episode this week due to me losing my voice and dealing with annoying allergies. I hate having to take a week off but the noises coming out of my face are less than desirable right now so it really is best to wait for next week when I expect to be better.

Sinow and I will be coming back with a full news episode and we will continue on as if we didn't skip a week. Thank you for all the support and the patience as I wait for things to get back to normal.

Until then, continue enjoying the stories I find each day to share with you on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! The links on Instagram don't allow you to click on them so if you find that frustrating, just go to our Facebook page and the links will work there.

Thanks again for all the support and patience, have a great day and find some joy to binge!

Love always,



Dallas, TX


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