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JoyBinge Ep. 18: Pass the Conch!

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Hi and welcome to JoyBinge, a podcast where we re-learn that good things are happening in the world and celebrate those good things because we are tired of only hearing about the bad crap. We are Kimmy and Sinow, bringing you some good news to celebrate! We are not journalists or professionals of any sort in the news industry. We just want to spread good news to you! Let’s binge on some joy!


'I feel alive again': prosthetics and hope in Central African Republic

  • The Guardian, written by Saskia Houttuin, published Feb 19

  • The Central African Republic also known as (CAR) has seen a rise in conflict due to the war that broke out in their country in 2013

  • Along with the rise in fighting and brutality has been a rise in amputees

  • But there is a special place in Bangui that creates prosthetics and has a rehabilitation center called the national association of re-education and equipment in CAR (Anrac)

  • “This small premises in the heart of Bangui is the only place in CAR where prosthetics are manufactured and distributed. At the front of the building patients receive consultations and try on prosthetics. At the back, technical staff mould, saw and hammer artificial limbs on a long wooden workbench.”

  • Because of the war, humanitarian services in the country are weakening - but this doesn’t stop the people working hard to help others

  • The article goes into detail about what is going on there and how people are being affected, it’s quite awful to be honest, but it also follows several people getting access to new limbs and those stories are really uplifting

  • One young man said when he got his first prosthesis, “that he ‘felt alive again’”.

  • “The centre relies heavily on the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), which funds materials as well as the technicians’ training and salaries. A prosthesis costs between 160,000 CFA francs (£212) [or $276.87 USD] and 380,000 CFA francs (£504) [or $658.23 USD], a staggering sum for the average citizen.”

  • Be sure to read the article to learn the stories of the people who received their prosthesis, it’s amazing the difference these new limbs can have in a person’s life!

Spinning spoiled milk into an environmental revolution

  • NBC News, written by Catie Monteiro, published Feb 17

  • A fashion designer in Italy has further improved a way to turn spoiled milk in fabric

  • “Antonella Bellina, 39, has developed a method of converting milk protein into a silky fiber.”

  • 5 years ago she found spoiled milk in her fridge and decided to try using it in a different way to avoid throwing it out

  • Thus her company, Duedilatte, was born

  • The article reports, “According to the Italian agricultural association Coldiretti, the country wastes an estimated 30 million tons of dairy each year.”

  • You can read more about how she turns milk into fabric as the article goes into detail about that

  • “One T-shirt takes less than half a gallon of milk to make. The final product is enticingly soft, and crucially, doesn’t smell like sour milk.”

  • Apparently this isn’t the first time milk fiber has been used before

  • “It was invented in the 1930s as a replacement for wool in fascist Benito Mussolini’s resource-starved Italy. But early prototypes were chemical-heavy, with factories using substances like formaldehyde to strengthen the fabric. Bellina said technological advancements have allowed her to revolutionize this process.”

  • The fabric is reported to be chemical free, the dye even is made from fruits and vegetables

  • The fashion industry is one of the top polluters in the world, the article gives more details about this

  • The company is still growing and has yet to break into the global market, remaining in Italy for now

  • Hopefully it will be able to ship internationally soon because I want one of these milk shirts!

HOMESLICE of Scotland & Texas


Hundreds saved by Scotland’s new ambulance response system

  • The Scotsman, published on Feb 19

  • “The Scottish Ambulance Service changed the way it responds to the most unwell patients in 2016 with 999 call handlers giving the highest ­priority to incidents such as cardiac arrests. An evaluation of the changes has found the system has saved the equivalent of 1182 lives.”

  • “Under the new system, call handlers are taking longer on the phone to despatch paramedics and some lower priority calls are waiting longer for an ambulance.”

  • “The ambulance service is facing increased demand, with the number of incidents in January last year up by nine per cent on 2016.”

  • “In Lothian, there were 10,882 patients with Immediate Life Threatening (ILT) conditions in 2017 with an average waiting time of seven minutes and 45 seconds. Last year, the callouts amounted to 12828 with an average waiting time of eight minutes and 17 seconds.”

  • “SAS data shows that in 2017, the first full year of the new call handling approach, there was a 43 per cent increase in ­survival for those with immediate life threatening conditions – the equivalent of an additional 1,182 lives saved.”

Reklaw, a Texas city that knows how to turn things around - [VIDEO]

  • WFAA, written by Sean Giggy, published on Feb 17

  • Texas has lots of strange names and Sean Giggy has investigated some of the funniest names we have

  • Bug Tussle, Zipperlandville, Ding Dong, and Nemo are other cities Giggy has covered in the past

  • Reklaw is one of these cities

  • The city was founded in 1890 due to Margaret Walker who donated the land for the town according to Wikipedia

  • Originally they wanted to name the city Walker to honor Margaret but were refused because there was another city with the name

  • To stick it the law, the founders named the city Reklaw - which is Walker backwards

  • Giggy called them “the original trolls”

  • 7 other cities loved the idea and implemented it for their towns

  • Sacul is close by to Reklaw which is Lucas backwards

  • The video itself is pretty funny, so be sure to check it out!

Thanks for listening to some of the joy found in the world this past week. If you have stories of good people doing good things in your neighborhood or anywhere, send them to me! I’ve got an email, or tweet at me @joybingepodcast or visit our Facebook page and Instagram account. TELL ME THE GOOD STUFF!


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