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Streaming with Sinowbeats!

Watch us on Sinowbeats Twitch channel!

Special streaming announcement for this week: Sinowbeats has graciously invited me to stream Return of the Obra Dinn with him on his channel!

We will be live Monday - Thursday (March 4 - 7) from 3pm until about 6:30pm or so (CST). I've never played this game before and the previews on Steam look pretty trippy, art wise. And all it says is "Lost at sea 1803 ~ The good ship Obra Dinn." So I think this will be a great experience! Come join us for lots of fun, mystery, and weird art!

After we stream Obra Dinn, I will be streaming on my own channel from 7-10pm CST so if you need more gaming in your life, join me there! The schedule is below:


Dallas, TX


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