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JoyBinge Ep. 19: Rock Star Doctor

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Hi and welcome to JoyBinge, a podcast where we tell you about good news we find so we can celebrate the good things happening in the world! We are Kimmy and Sinow, non-professionals of any sort in the news industry. Let’s binge on some joy!


Giant tortoise believed extinct for 100 years found in Galápagos

  • Published by The Guardian on Feb 21, written by Associated Press

  • A surprise discovery occurred in the Galapagos islands - a female Chelonoidis phantasticus was found on the Fernandina island

  • According to the article, “Fernandina is the third largest Galapagos island and features the La Cumbre volcano, one of the most active in the world. The archipelago lies in the Pacific Ocean about 620 miles (1,000km) off Ecuador’s mainland. In listing the Fernandina tortoise as possibly extinct, the conservation group said on its website that the species may have succumbed to ‘the frequent volcanic lava flows that nearly cover the island.’”

  • The creature, also called the Fernandina giant tortoise, is estimated to be between 100-113 years old

  • Two groups worked together to discover the tortoise: the Galapagos National Park and the Galapagos Conservancy (which is from the USA)

  • They believe more tortoises live on the island

  • A video I found told the story of how and why they found the tortoise, saying that when they did find her, she was dehydrated and weak so they took her to the Santa Cruz island where they have a breeding center where she can stay safe and get well

  • The scientists are hoping that she can help save her species by using some possibly stored sperm to create new babies to continue the species

  • The article reports, “The only other living member of the species was found in 1906, the group said...But Sunday’s discovery was the first confirmed sighting and together with the possibility of finding more members of the species has raised the possibility of breeding.”

Fly-in addictions doctor says fast action is key to addressing opioid crisis

  • Published by CBC on March 2nd, written by Chris O’Neill-Yates

  • Dr. Todd Young realized that people in remote parts of Newfoundland and Labrador need treatment for addictions and are not able to access the care they need

  • Instead of taking the easy route and making one place where he practices medicine, the doctor decided to purchase an airplane to get to the places he needs to be faster to cut down on the time his patients have to wait for treatment

  • The article says, “He uses a combination of telemedicine and on-site visits to treat his 525 patients.”

  • Apparently doctors in Newfoundland and Labrador prescribe more opiates per capita than in other provinces throughout Canada but according to the article, “many are unwilling to treat the resulting addictions.”

  • The article tells a couple of people’s experiences with opioids and what Dr. Young’s work with them has accomplished

  • Dr. Young told CBC, “These are people, good people, and they deserve to have their disease treated just like anybody else.”

  • When patients reach out for help with their addictions, they are usually placed on a long waiting list that can exceed a year’s wait time. Dr. Young found this unacceptable

  • The article reports that, “In addition to doctors who refuse to treat patients addicted to drugs, some pharmacists refuse to dispense methadone and suboxone.”

  • Methadone and Suboxone are drugs used to help people cope with opioid addiction

  • Now, Dr. Young is not a perfect person. The article reported that he got in trouble in 2015 for “having sex with a former patient and [for] inappropriate conduct with another.” After the legal repercussions, he was able to continue practicing medicine but wasn’t allowed hospital admission privileges. Many of his patients protested this decision

  • Since then, he focused on helping with addiction and realized the problem was so great that buying a plane to transport him and his team to the various clinics he worked with benefited everyone involved

  • He told CBC, “My vision would be that every physician, every family physician in particular, and every nurse practitioner...would be prescribing, that they would all be part of the solution for patients who have substance abuse disorder.”

  • But Dr. Young’s plans don’t stop at the airplane. He also plans to open two more addictions clinics in Labrador this year.

  • One more quote from Dr. Young: “That’s someone’s son or daughter. They deserve to be respected. … Everybody has a story, and I think as you go through life yourself you kind of take a few knocks sometimes, and with those you appreciate the battles that other people have.”

HOMESLICE of Scotland & Texas


SOS call from Scottish off-gridder picked up in Texas

  • Published by The Guardian on Feb 5th, written by Libby Brooks

  • A man in his 70’s lives in the highlands of Scotland in a modest home without electricity

  • Every Sunday, he sends a signal to his family via a PLB (personal locator beacon)

  • One Sunday evening, he sent out a SOS signal because he was quite ill

  • Instead of the center in Scotland picking up the signal, the International Emergency Response Coordination Center in Houston, TX received the signal

  • They then relayed the signal to the UK coastguard who were able to dispatch the Lochaber mountain rescue team who were able to reach the man

  • The team used a helicopter to reach the man and were able to get him to medical assistance

  • Because of the speediness of between Texas and Scotland, the man is now on the mend

  • The article reports, “Neil Blewett, a UK aeronautical operations centre controller for HM Coastguard, said activation of the beacon and the speed of the satellite technology saved the man’s life. ‘What must seem a very long way round for an alert to reach us is actually very quick thanks to the satellite technology that we use.’”


La La Land Kind Cafe Dallas Hiring Foster Youths Lower Greenville *Shared by Suhasini!

  • Published by Guide Live on Feb 25th, written by Sarah Blaskovich

  • Francois Reihani is opening a coffee shop in Dallas that is looking to hire older foster kids who will age out of the system

  • La La Land Kind Cafe will train the employees to work as baristas, cashiers and chefs

  • They also have decided to pay their employees well above minimum wage which is $7.25 an hour here in Texas. Instead, they will be paid $12 an hour

  • CitySquare is the organization that will help pair foster kids with the cafe

  • Madeline Reedy is the senior director for the Transition Resource Action Center with CitySquare and she told Guide Live, “We haven’t had an employment partner who was this dedicated, ever.”

  • The structure of the cafe includes mentorship and encouragement for the employees to volunteer and attend therapy

  • This is very similar to Cafe Momentum which operates in downtown Dallas and hires non-violent juvenile offenders with opportunities for mentorship and trainings as well

  • While Reihani did not grow up as a foster kid, he had friends who were in the area of Mexico where he grew up

  • He told Guide Live, “You have a friend for a year or 6 months and then they disappear. As a young kid, I didn’t really understand.”

  • Because of his volunteer work with Dallas CASA, an organization that connects adults to be voices for abused children in court, he realized how important it is for foster kids to have solid opportunities to find work and mentorship

  • Guide Live quoted him as saying, “I’ve never been more passionate about anything in my entire life.”

Thanks for listening to some of the joy found in the world this past week. If you have stories of good people doing good things in your neighborhood or anywhere, send them to me! I’ve got an email, or tweet at me @joybingepodcast or visit our Facebook page and Instagram account. TELL US THE GOOD STUFF!


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