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New Emote and Merch!

We've got some news for the Kimmykims Twitch channel!

A new emote and merch design have entered the building!

What's an emote you ask? An emote is a cool little piece of art used in the same way as an emoji, but specifically for Twitch channel communities to use in chat and even on Discord. We get to celebrate inside jokes and any exciting or even frustrating things that happen during the stream.

I regret NOTHING!

Join the Kimmykims community to see the emote in action as we welcome new subs and cry against stupid gaming things that happen!

Jasmine, known on Twitter as @oweeos, created the emote as well as the new merch design already live on the Threadless store!

I regret NOTHING!

You can visit the merch store through our merch page here on the website or go to

Thank you for all the love and support! I love entertaining you all and providing a safe and fun place to relax after a long day. Now go and REGRET NOTHING!

April 6th UPDATE:

We got another new emote! Check out the Stress Cheese, live on Twitch, y'all! Also designed by Jasmine :-)

Stress Cheese - Check out the Kimmykims page!


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