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JoyBinge Ep. 26: Mindblowing Milk in a Bag

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Hi and welcome to JoyBinge, a podcast where we re-learn that good things are happening in the world and celebrate those good things because we are tired of only hearing about the bad crap. We are Kimmy and Sinow, bringing you some good news to celebrate! We are not journalists or professionals of any sort in the news industry. This week we are covering the dates May 31 - June 13, 2019, with the exception of the May 3rd story. We just want to spread good news to you! Let’s binge on some joy!


Canada Plans to Ban "Single-Use" Plastics by 2021

  • Written by Ben Westcott for CNN News on June 10th

  • Canada is developing a plan to ban single-use plastics by 2021

  • The announcement was inspired by the European Parliament who has banned single-use plastics with the goal of recycling “90% of plastic beverage bottles by 2029.

  • Even though the ban on single-use plastics is a great start, figuring out how to recycle the large amount of plastic is the next step

  • Many countries, including Canada, have shipped their recyclables to countries like Malaysia and the Philippines who are now sending back the trash, as the article states, “...with Malaysia saying it refuses to become the world's garbage dump.”

  • Westcott reports, “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the measures Monday, describing ‘a problem we simply can't ignore.’ ‘Plastic waste ends up in our landfills and incinerators, litters our parks and beaches, and pollutes our rivers, lakes, and oceans, entangling and killing turtles, fish, and marine mammals,’ the Canadian leader said in a statement. ‘Less than 10 percent of plastic used in Canada gets recycled. Without a change in course, Canadians will throw away an estimated $11 billion worth of plastic materials each year by 2030.’

  • The article goes on to say, “According to the Canadian government, every year 1 million birds and more than 100,000 sea mammals worldwide are injured or die when they mistake plastic for food. Globally, a truckload of plastic waste enters the ocean every minute, the statement said.”

  • Hopefully this will inspire more work in learning how to control and recycle these plastics and other material in an environmentally way

These are the pictures we referenced in the episode

Why have milk in a bag?? Why??

This entrepreneur is donating unwanted bike-sharing cycles to underprivileged students in Myanmar

  • Written by Jon Russell for MSN on June 6th

  • Rentable bicycles and scooters have been a global trend for the last several years, with both positive and negative results

  • China in particular has not seen such a great response to these bike sharing companies leaving thousands of bikes sitting and wasting away in warehouses

  • Mike Than Tun Win decided that the bikes could be used for another better purpose

  • He bought 10,000 bikes and started a nonprofit organization called LessWalk serving students who would highly benefit from the use of these bikes while trekking to school

  • The article quotes Than as saying, “It’s a common sight to see lines and lines of students walking long distances from home to school in rural villages," Than explained. "Some students can walk up to one hour from home to school and the families can hardly afford a simple form of transport like bicycle or motorcycle... a school bus is almost unheard of to the students in rural villages.”

  • The bikes will have the QR code scanner replaced with a key lock and add a second seat before being shipped to Myanmar

  • Buying and refurbishing the bikes costs, so Than has raised “$400,000 in capital, half of which has come from donations and sponsors with Than himself providing the rest.”

  • The article states, “Right now, Than said that he has received around 4,000 bikes, which are currently warehoused in Myanmar. Rather than sad, well-used or damaged cycles, LessWalk has bought itself unused, new-generation products that hadn't been deployed to the streets. Once sitting in a warehouse awaiting a rollout with startups, the adapted bikes will be distributed to students this year.”

  • The next step: getting the bikes to the students.

  • LessWalk is focusing on “students aged 13-16 who walk 2km or more to school each day and part of families without transport. [Than] envisages that bikes will be given out in batches every two weeks for two or three months with support from volunteer groups and the government, but a lot of operational approach is still to be defined.”

  • Russell reports that there are “more than nine million students” in Myanmar so developing a strong distribution plan is the key to success

  • Than is quoted as saying, “I’m only halfway through the journey. The remaining 50 percent is making sure we have an impact.”

  • While Than makes great progress in Myanmar, the hope is that this idea will spread worldwide so other countries can help those who need the bikes gain access, without the fee per ride.

HOMESLICE of Scotland & Texas


Therapy dogs bound into Aberdeen airport to alleviate stress

  • Written by Libby Brooks for The Guardian on May 3rd

  • Aberdeen airport is taking action for any air travel related stress in their customers by providing therapy dogs!

  • This summer saw a launch of the “therapet” program at the airport and has been met with happy approval!

  • The article states, “As Breagh, along with Grace the Scottish deerhound, Noodle the beagle and their owners, trot through the terminal sporting bright yellow bandanas that identify them as “therapets”, the effect on passengers and staff is instantaneous and exponential. There is plenty of research showing that dogs can improve mental health and wellbeing, alleviate stress and calm nerves and, while these dogs are being brought in from 4 May specifically to assist anxious travellers, it seems no one can walk by without pausing for a pat and a play.”

  • For two hours on specific days, you will be able to run into different breeds of dogs (and their supervisors) just wanting pets and love so you can feel calmer about traveling

  • Brooks reports, “‘Mindblowing’ is how Diane Wood, crew leader and area representative for Canine Concern Scotland, describes their reception so far. ‘You see people’s faces light up when we come through the door. The act of stroking a dog reduces blood pressure, slows heartbeat and releases happy hormones.’”

  • They got quotes from the public as well, “‘You can’t not smile when you see them,’ says Rob Hobkirk, 34, who is checking in for a long-haul flight to Australia with his partner Anne-Marie and enjoying some waggy cheer from Noodle. ‘It’s nice to see dogs that are so friendly and well-behaved. You usually expect dogs looking for drugs in airports.’”

  • “‘It warms my heart,’ coos Zee Matzain, 21, after a close encounter with Breagh. ‘She’s so fluffy!’”

  • The airport has included the schedule for The Canine Crew (as they have been dubbed) through July 21st on the airport’s website along with biographies for each of the sweet dogs

  • Brooks talked with the duty manager of the airport, Fraser Bain who spoke with her about the program, “...initially he was inspired by similar schemes operating across North America, as well as the work that therapy dogs undertake with children with autism. Bain is likewise a little overwhelmed by the initial popularity of the project. ‘People are now saying they want to fly from Aberdeen because it’s the only airport in the UK to do this. The only danger is that people miss their flights because they are so well distracted by the dogs.’”

Breagh looks so happy! Picture from The Guardian

More pictures available in the article. Picture from The Guardian


Do it for the 'gram | Austin construction worker goes viral after making 'influencer' Instagram

  • Written by Abigail Arredondo and Britny Eubank for KVUE (ABC Local News affiliate for Austin, TX) on June 12th

  • When Omar Madani learned what an “influencer” was from his daughter, he decided to try to become one himself

  • Omar is a construction worker in Austin and has risen to the challenge amazingly well

  • The article states, “...a PR firm informed KVUE that the account started out as a small project for their client, Cuvee Coffee, who wanted an influencer to advertise their product. The firm couldn't find one that fit the bill, so they asked their friend, Madani, to help.”

  • Breaking the influencer stereotype has been a large part of helping Madani gain favor in the social media world, alongside help from Cuvee Coffee and the PR firm.

  • His Instagram account is @justaconstructionguy and the pictures and captions are marvelous. Go check him out!

Thanks for listening to some of the joy found in the world this past week. If you have stories of good people doing good things in your neighborhood or anywhere, send them to us! We’ve got an email, or tweet at us @joybingepodcast or visit our Facebook page and Instagram account. TELL US THE GOOD STUFF!


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