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JoyBinge 2.3: Cook, Serve, Delicious!

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Hi and welcome to JoyBinge! We are Sinow and Kimmy, and we share good stories about good people doing good things! Get ready to binge on some joy! We are covering early November 2019 for this segment.


4 teens make inspiring anti-bullying video game and win Girls Make Games competition

  • Written by Marguerite Ward for NBC’s Today Show

  • A team of four teens won the Girls Make Games competition this year allowing them to publish the game they developed together for the public to play

  • Girls Make Games is “a summer camp and workshop series designed to inspire the next generation of women in the gaming industry.”

  • The event invites and collaborates with “executives from Microsoft and PlayStation” so the games can be judged to see who wins!

  • Team Sarcastic Shark won this year’s competition and they were even able to raise $30,000 through Kickstarter to publish the game on various platforms

  • The game itself is called “Shredded Secrets” and “follows a student being bullied as well the bully himself (who’s secretly struggling with his sexual identity) and a teacher dealing with personal issues of her own.”

  • Team Sarcastic Shark is Crystal Nelson, Gracie Clauson, Isadora Tiffe and Keira Munko

  • The article states, “The now 13-year-olds had succinct yet powerful advice for other young people. ‘Be an activist for your own beliefs and be true to yourself,’ Tiffe said.”

  • Best of luck, ladies, we can’t wait to see your game next year!

Homeslice: Texas Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving is a pretty big deal in the US so I thought it would be cool to share a couple stories from around Texas celebrating the special holiday

Dallas schools to offer free meals for students during Thanksgiving break

  • Written by WFAA staff for Dallas’ local channel 8 news

  • Lots of kids in the Dallas Independent School District are food insecure so the district has provided a way for them to get a warm meal while school is out for Thanksgiving break

  • The article reports, “Children through the age of 18 can go to participating campuses and get a morning snack and lunch...The free food will be offered from Monday to Wednesday.”

This tiny Texas town has hosted a Thanksgiving feast for over 100 years

  • Written by Allison Ehrlich for the Corpus Christi Caller Times

  • Vattman, TX is located in South Texas just south of Corpus Christi and they have been celebrating Thanksgiving together. As in the majority of the town. For 100 years!

  • The article states, “The Thanksgiving dinner has been held every year since, with the exception of 1943 when it was canceled due to World War II rationing. They began charging for the dinner in the late 1940s — $1.50 for the family-style meal.”

  • Our Lady of Consolation parish puts the meal on for everyone in the area as a fundraiser, but they don’t just eat. They have games, live music, raffles, a silent action, bingo, many other games, and of course, lots and lots of food.

  • Read the article to learn more!

This holiday, we give thanks for the heroes in our community

  • Written by and for the El Paso Times

  • Over in the most western part of Texas, El Paso has been giving thanks for the many heroes in their community

  • Earlier this year in August, El Paso suffered one of the bigger attacks the nation has seen in a while.

  • The article outlines who did what during that time and gives thanks for the relentless work these people did.

  • The article states, “Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were among the first to respond, helping their neighbors wounded in the attack by an outsider in the city they call home. El Paso police, firefighters and rescue workers were faced with deaths and injuries seen on battlefields and now are dealing with trauma so severe they declined requests for interviews. The medical staffs at University Medical Center of El Paso and Del Sol Medical Center, where the wounded were taken, united, showing up to save lives before they were even asked. And El Paso Mayor Dee Margo stood up for what was right in the face of a presidential backlash to let the world know of the unique nature of our Borderland community, where mutual respect, love and consideration will defeat a white supremacist's racism and hatred.”

Even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope this time can help you look around and see all the wonderful people doing great things in your community. May you and those around continue to make this world an amazing and kinder place through little and big actions!

Thanks for listening! If you have stories of good people doing good things in your neighborhood or anywhere, send them to us! We’ve got an email, or tweet at us @joybingepodcast or visit our Facebook page and Instagram account. GO BINGE ON SOME JOY!

The music for this podcast is "Industrious Ferret" by Kevin MacLeod. Thanks for listening and have a great week!

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