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JoyBinge 2.5: Yeah!

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Hi and welcome to JoyBinge! We are Sinow and Kimmy, and we share good stories about good people doing good things! Get ready to binge on some joy! This episode covers December 2019.


Cofton Hackett dads launch Stay & Play at new village hall

  • Written by Sas Taylor for B31 Voices

  • Sam Chatterley and Dan Rainsford met at a playgroup and had a common bond over not feeling like part of the group since they are stay at home dads

  • Together they decided to start Cradle to Crayon, a group that hosts dads, moms, and other types of carers so their children (ages 0-5 years) can play together and the caregivers can socialize

  • Rainsford told Taylor, “It can feel isolating at times on days you don’t get out. There aren’t many stay-at-home dads, so you can feel a bit excluded in some groups.”

  • Both men had careers that they left behind so they could care for their little ones full time while their wives pursue their own careers

  • Chatterley told Taylor, “The best things are watching Maisie grow, teaching her new things and getting out to play centres, zoos etc. It can sometimes feel a little lonely without the adult conversation, but there’s really nothing bad about it. I love it… it’s an honour.”

  • And Rainsford added, “I see it as a gift, I wont get this time with her again. Coaching and seeing Lucy’s development on a daily basis.”

  • Check out this video BBC did about the dads and the group! Stay-at-home dads set up father-friendly playgroup

Homeslice: Texas Edition

Fort Worth teen gets his own Marvel comic and episode on Disney+

  • Written by Eric Alvarez for WFAA

  • Being 13 isn’t easy but Braden Baker found a way to look past the troubles of puberty and make a positive impact!

  • When his dog, Chewie, chewed up his hearing aids in 2017, Braden had to deal with the silence until they could get him new ones

  • Of course the new ones cost a lot of money which got him thinking about the people who could benefit from the costly tools

  • Instead of just thinking about it, Braden jumped into action!

  • He started a GoFundMe page to raise the funds and awareness of this need

  • Eventually his efforts were recognized by Ellen DeGeneres and Disney, landing him a spot in their Marvel Hero Project!

  • His story is now a comic and an episode in the show on Disney+. Be sure to check it out!

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