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JoyBinge 2.7: Get Yourself Some Pie

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Hi and welcome to JoyBinge! We are Sinow and Kimmy, and we share good stories about good people doing good things! Get ready to binge on some joy! We recorded on Jan 23, 2020.

Articles from our Listeners!

N.L. community brings Christmas dinner to grounded WestJet passengers

  • Sarah from Newfoundland [noof’n-land] shared an article with us over the holidays and I completely missed it!

  • She also taught me how to say Newfoundland which was incredibly helpful because I definitely would have said Nuu-fun-lund

  • The article is from CTVNews written by Brooklyn Neustaeter

  • Bad weather stranded about 80 people in Deer Lake, Newfoundland on Christmas Day

  • Deer Lake’s Salvation Army was able to get enough food and volunteers rounded up at the last minute to get a potluck organized for the passengers

  • The article quoted the Facebook post that got the event kicked off, “There are 75 to 80 passengers who have been stranded at the hotel who has had nothing to eat since last night...Since nothing is open and there is no restaurant at the Holiday Inn, we need sandwiches, leftover turkey and food items to help these passengers… Let's show the true Christmas spirit.”

  • Within an hour of the posting, the potluck was happening!

  • Some volunteers even took passengers back to the airport from the Holiday Inn they were staying at, and where the potluck was held, so people could make a late flight to their destination

Love Babies Update

  • We have an update from a story we covered in Episode 14 from the first season about a tennis competition that raises money for a NICU in North Texas!

  • Cale Balusek reached out and told us that they raised $24,200 in 2019’s tournament raising their total to $48,500 over three years!

  • He and his parents wrote the sweetest messages that made our whole day, what a sweet family!

  • Check out the gallery of pictures on their website celebrating the day of fundraising!

Take a look at the pictures from this year's tournament!


How to bring a high street back from the dead

  • Written by Kevin Rushby for The Guardian on March 29, 2018

  • Even though this article was from a couple years ago, the message is still one that can be applied to today

  • Online shopping has really taken a big bite out of local shopping for Mom & Pop stores around the world

  • One street in York has figured out a way to bring the people back to the street, to wander along and spend time together looking at wares from local vendors

  • The article reports, “In York’s Bishopthorpe Road – Bishy Road to the local community – I settle down in the window of a high-street cafe-restaurant-bakery. Beppe Lombardo’s Sicilian food outlet, Trinacria, is full of people having a mid-morning coffee; some are sampling the impressive range of homemade pastries and cakes, while a clutch of small children linger near the ice-cream display.”

  • They go on to interview Lombardo who told them, “‘When I came to York in 2001, there was no good ice-cream,’ says Lombardo, his expression hinting at the profound shock he had felt. ‘Not like proper Sicilian ice-cream.’”

  • More and more stores have closed down on Bishy Street and around the UK since 2008 but some people who care about Bishy Street figured out a way to bring vendors and customers back.

  • The article reports, “It was a simple plan. Gather all the shops together under one banner, or more precisely one website, and launch it with a street party. “It was a eureka moment,” says Hayes. “At 6pm we closed the road to traffic. There was hardly a soul about. We put up some bunting and set out a few stalls. By 6.20 there were 3,000 people out there. The butcher gave away burgers, there were bands, people were dancing. I could not believe it. I realised there was so much goodwill. I thought, ‘We are going to be all right.’”

  • Apparently this idea has a name among urban planners, “sticky street,” meaning the street welcomes pedestrians and customers, allowing easy access and an enjoyable time hanging out at the shops and restaurants.

  • The article goes on to say, “The strength of smaller high streets has not gone unnoticed. Figures from business research analysts LDC show that the number of independent outlets has risen all over England in every region during the past year, while chain stores have declined. When Portas wrote her report in 2011 she highlighted the lamentable case of Ely, a Cambridgeshire town that seemed to be deliberately strangling its own high street, building out-of-town shopping with a free bus service. But since then independent shops have moved in, accounting for 89% of retail growth, and making Ely high street a success story akin to York’s Bishopthorpe Road.”

Homeslice: Texas Edition

Electric cellist medical student heals with both music and medicine

  • Written by Toby Hershkowitz & Jared Barnett on Jan 2, 2020 for Houston’s ABC13

  • Houston has a hospital called Mount Sinai which also has a school called the Mount Sinai’s Ichan School of Medicine

  • Ian Forrest is currently a student at the school and has been working with patients in a different way that goes beyond conventional medicine

  • Forrest told ABC, “I started in the 5th grade and I thought, I'm going to be a classical musician, the next Yo-Yo Ma...Then interesting things happened in college. I started performing music for patients in the hospital next to our university and just kind of seeing the effect this music had to uplift those patients made me think, I want to help these patients, but beyond just music. So that's what turned my interest into medicine and also music.”

  • Playing the cello for patients has shown good effects

  • The article reports, “‘I've seen music make a patient who didn't want to get out of bed want to get out of bed,’ says Tamara Solly, Mount Sinai's nurse manager and one of Iain's colleagues. ‘There are so many things he could be doing, but to come here and say, you know what, I want to find another way to reach patients. That struck me as pretty amazing,’ she adds.”

  • This talented young man also plays in New York City on street corners and the subway platforms

  • He tells the ABC reporters, “I think the beauty of music is it lets you open your ears, open your eyes, open your senses to escape from all that negativity...Medicine is as much a science as it is an art. You can be brilliant about every disease, but when you walk into that room with that patient, how you can hear their story, where they're coming from, how they feel, that's just as important to me as the science behind the medicine.”

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