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JoyBinge 2.9: Jack of Too Many Trades

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Hi and welcome to JoyBinge! We are Sinow and Kimmy, and we share good stories about good people doing good things! Get ready to binge on some joy! We recorded on March 7, 2020.

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How millions use YouTube tutorials to perfect their trade

  • Written by Oliver Balch for The Guardian on February 8, 2020

  • João Cruz worked as a journalist for years before learning how to repair bikes - via YouTube

  • He told Balch, “‘To be a good mechanic, you need tools and knowledge; I had the tools, but I needed to get the knowledge,’ said Cruz, owner of Velurb, a small bike rental business in the Portuguese city of Porto.”

  • So like many people these days, Cruz looked to YouTube for tutorials on fixing up bikes

  • Five years later, Cruz still uses YouTube tutorials as a reference for learning new tricks, researching different ways of approaching problems, and basic tips

  • Not familiar with YouTube? We won’t shame you. Balch describe the video website stating, “YouTube, which is owned by Google, likes to promote its service as a practical tool for learning and not just a repository of teen vlogs and funny cat videos. According to the company’s own statistics, nine in 10 users worldwide perceive its platform as a “place to learn”. To drum home the point, it now boasts a dedicated “learning” channel for education-oriented uploads.”

  • Katie Kurtz, YouTube’s head of learning partnerships, told Balch, “YouTube opens us a world of learning that may not be otherwise accessible, whether it is supplemental education, professional and everyday skills or even how-to tutorials and life hacks.”

  • To get an idea of how important these videos are, the Pew Research Centre studied how many people from different countries visit the learning videos:

  • 51% of American viewers access the site for “how-to” videos

  • 57% of New Zealand millennials use the videos for learning

  • 54% of Australians go to YouTube for answers instead of researching manuals or calling someone who might know

  • The content creators on YouTube who put in the time to make tutorials are the unsung heroes of today

  • Balch states in his article, “The obvious upside of learning a trade face-to-face is the ability to asks questions in the moment. But what happens once the course is over? The advantage of YouTube, Winter counters, is the ability to post questions and receive responses long after the tutorial has been delivered and uploaded.”

  • A baker in London, Chinelo Awa, suggested three YouTubers who focus on baking if anyone out there is looking for some baking inspiration: Matt Adlard - The Topless Baker, Man About Cake, and Lindsay Ann

  • Awa told Balch, “‘If you put a question in the comments, then they usually come back to you … but if you go on a day-course and have follow-up questions, you might not be able to ask the teachers,’ says Awa, who works part-time as a paralegal.”

  • YouTube does have its pitfalls with conflicting information being produced, outdated information not being taken down, and content creators who don’t respond to questions. But no system is perfect

  • Andy Smith talked with Balch about their experience using YouTube to expand their learning opportunities

  • The biggest issues Andy found with the site is the issue of quality control and that many videos are “task specific” which “can lead to a piecemeal or patchy understanding” of the subject you are trying to learn about

  • Tai Alegbe highlights one of the positives of turning to YouTube, stating, “Going online and understanding that these experts are just like you really helps”.

  • It’s easy to get intimidated when wanting to ask questions to experts but YouTube allows you to see that these experts are just like you and with the anonymous nature of the website, it’s much easier to ask questions in the comment sections

  • The article talks about several other people who learned more about their respective fields in financial technology, economics, coding, hair stylists & barbers, and programming

  • Balch ended the article with a great quote from Andy Smith, “‘Has YouTube made me into a Jack of all trades?’ he ponders. ‘Perhaps. If anything, in fact, it’s probably made me into a Jack of too many trades.’”

  • And as mentioned in the episode, here is the link to Crash Course!

  • Have you been learning anything on YouTube or have been interested in learning a new skill? Share with us what you look up and send us your favorite how to video or content creator on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, or email!

Homeslice: Texas Edition

Memorial HS teacher battling brain cancer swims to help others

  • Written by Charles Miller for Houston’s ABC 13 on March 2, 2020

  • A beloved teacher in a Houston high school was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2018 and had to miss the entire school year to go through treatment and heal

  • Thankfully, Adam Schoen has recovered and is back to teaching

  • He told Houston’s ABC 13, “It was a lonely existence...Being isolated at home, until my wife got home from work, was very different.”

  • The cancer and treatment were harsh on his body. The article states, “The school teacher also had to go through rehab to regain strength on the right side of his body. He couldn't sit-up following his brain surgery, and he eventually had to re-learn how to walk.”

  • Because of his experience, Mr. Schoen has decided to raise money for MD Anderson Cancer Center by swimming in the Swim Across America half mile race which will take place in Lake Houston

  • One student, Daniel, spoke highly of Adam, “Mr. Schoen is a great person...I really appreciate him and want well-being for him.”

  • To learn more about the Swim Across America event, visit the website: - Adam Schoen's page

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